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SETU - Science Engineering & Technological Upliftment
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  • To plan, develop, build & operate Common engineering facility center at Bardoli to provide technical services & skilling through this project.
  • To setup Common engineering facility center like projects in Gujarat
  • To setup Common engineering facility center like projects in whole country.
  • To undertake policy advocacy of Gujarat Engineering Industry, with state government of Gujarat & Government of India.
  • To undertake Projects & programme to make students employable & facilitate them to become an entrepreneur.
  • To create project & programme so that industrial workers have facility to upgrade their skill & knowledge.
  • To undertake project & programme for fostering innovations, technology development & adoption of technology in MSME sector so that they use state of Art technologies to become globally competitive.
  • To design, develop & implement programme for green engineering, standardization & harmonization, IPR, Industry 4.0, Lean Manufacturing, ZED Manufacturing Practices, Productivity


  • Ensuring improved productivity levels and testing as per international standards
  • Following of globally acceptable industry and work ethics with Indian ethos
  • Practicing uncompromised safety compliance and hazard reduction
  • Promoting aesthetic design and manufacturing
  • Creating awareness and protection under IPR
  • Curriculum advocacy in higher technical education
  • Promotion of cluster based & lean manufacturing systems


To make Indian Engineering Industry globally competitive by facilitating access to necessary technologies, industrial infrastructure, common engineering facilities and policy advocacy.
We offer
Engineering Facilities

Design Boutique

Designing of product require lots of engineering calculations and analysis before manufacturing, which makes product long lasting, safe and trouble free.…

Heat Treatment

Metallurgy is a key for engineering success. Heat treated parts will have better performance.

Material Testing Lab

Durability/ performance of machines depend on components. Components depend on right selection of raw material and process. Material testing laboratory will…

Prototype Development Center

Where existing products can be re-designed & manufactured as per global requirement by incorporating standards, harmony and aesthetics. Any engineering innovative…

Skill Development Center

On one hand freshers are facing problem of employment and on other hand industry is facing shortage of manpower, because of…
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Chairman's Desk
Learning should be based on doing things not merely knowing things. We live in an era of remarkable progress in technology, advances that even a generation ago seemed the stuff of science fiction & fantasy. Powered by Science & Technology, we have seen breakthroughs in IT sector, Engineering sector, Chemical Sector, Pharma Sector, Textile Sector, etc. Now it is high time to uplift the technically under privileged industrial sector of the industry, through scientific, engineering & technological upliftment. As we know Technology plays a vital role in development of the SMEs. A segment being a disorganized sector requires mindset, attitude & technological upgradation, which are the key challenges for Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises. So looking at the present situation…

Mr. Hetal R. Mehta

  • Name: Mr. Hetal R. Mehta
  • Qualifications: B.E. (Mech.) A.T.C.T.E., D.B.M., MIE, CE


Ashish Amin
Babubhai Patel
Dharmesh Desai
Dilip Dhamanwala
Mayank Dalal
Rajendra Kalyani
Pankaj Trivedi
Pradeep Patel
Vallabhbhai Thumar
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