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SETU - Science Engineering & Technological Upliftment
A very ambitious project for establishing a ‘Common Engineering Facility Centre’ (CEFC) in Surat under the Department of Heavy Industry (DHI) of GOI, Scheme for Enhancement of Global Competitiveness in the Capital Goods Sector’ ‘Science Engineering and Technological Upliftment’ (SETU) Foundation, a section 8 company ( NOT FOR PROFIT) formed for the purpose by its promoters, ‘Textile Machinery Manufacturers’ Association (I)’ (TMMA), and ‘Surat Engineering Vikas Association’ (SEVA) along with ‘Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Education Society’ (SVPES). All donations to SETU are exempted under section 80G & 12AA. This is one of the ‘State of the Art’ projects initiated by DHI to boost product development, domestic R&D, and skill development of the capital goods industry to build the Global competitiveness. The CEFC project shall be built on a land pledged… Read more


  • Ensuring improved productivity levels and testing as per international standards
  • Following of globally acceptable industry and work ethics with Indian ethos
  • Practicing uncompromised safety compliance and hazard reduction
  • Promoting aesthetic design and manufacturing
  • Creating awareness and protection under IPR
  • Curriculum advocacy in higher technical education
  • Promotion of cluster based & lean manufacturing systems

Vision & Mission

  • To make Indian Engineering Industry globally competitive by facilitating access to necessary technologies, industrial infrastructure, common engineering facilities and policy advocacy.
  • To plan, develop, build & operate Common engineering facility center at Bardoli to provide technical services & skilling through this project.
  • To setup Common engineering facility center like projects in Gujarat
  • To setup Common engineering facility center like projects in whole country.
  • To undertake policy advocacy of Gujarat Engineering Industry, with state government of Gujarat & Government of India.
  • To undertake Projects & programme to make students employable & facilitate them to become an entrepreneur.
  • To create project & programme so that industrial workers have facility to upgrade their skill & knowledge.
  • To undertake project & programme for fostering innovations, technology development & adoption of technology in MSME sector so that they use state of Art technologies to become globally competitive.
  • To design, develop & implement programme for green engineering, standardization & harmonization, IPR, Industry 4.0, Lean Manufacturing, ZED Manufacturing Practices, Productivity
We offer
Engineering Facilities

Heat Treatment Unit

Metallurgy is a key to success. Properly heat treated parts have better performance. This unit has state-of-the-art facilities. It Xitiz Vacuum…

Material Testing & Calibration Laboratory

To enable the local manufacturers to compete globally, the Centre has set up a Testing lab for Quality Analysis, Testing and…

Product & Machine Design Boutique

The state-of-the-art design centre for offering design facilities and software to the Textile Machinery and related segments in the Cluster. The…

Product & Prototype Development Center

A modern Product Development Centre with excellent quality and workmanship is offering tooling facilities to the clients and members. The Facility…

Skill Development & Training Center

The Machinery Industry relies heavily on skilled workforce, typically trained under various technical courses. The manufacturers have acquired their expertise through…
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Chairman's Desk
Learning should be based on doing things not merely knowing things. We live in an era of remarkable progress in technology, advances that even a generation ago seemed the stuff of science fiction & fantasy. Powered by Science & Technology, we have seen breakthroughs in IT sector, Engineering sector, Chemical Sector, Pharma Sector, Textile Sector, etc. Now it is high time to uplift the technically under privileged industrial sector of the industry, through scientific, engineering & technological upliftment. As we know Technology plays a vital role in development of the SMEs. A segment being a disorganized sector requires mindset, attitude & technological upgradation, which are the key challenges for Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises. So looking at the present situation…

Mr. Hetal R. Mehta

  • Name: Mr. Hetal R. Mehta
  • Qualifications: B.E. (Mech.) A.T.C.T.E., D.B.M., MIE, CE

Donation Appeal

Season’s Greetings and Good Wishes, While life’s many challenges and goals keep us busy in an enterprising way; it also drifts us away from our very purpose of being – our inner calling. We, at this stage of our lives, have very well realized that as much wealth, knowledge, success we may have acquired for ourselves, in the end what brings fulfillment to the soul is our ability to give back to the society and to share with those who are in need. Science Engineering & Technological Upliftment – SETU – foundation is one such selfless effort founded by a team of eleven technocrats, who are eminent manufacturers and brand owners of industries in their field of expertise, hailing from… Read more



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Awareness Programme on ZED & Other DC(MSME) Scheme

Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, MSME-Development & Facilitation

Visit by Seven Steps School

Visit by Seven Steps School Students “Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner

6th PR & MC Meeting

SETU Foundation’s 6th PR & MC meeting at Bardoli Site.

Industry 4.0 Conference

SETU Foundation Team attended the Industry 4.0 Conference at Kevadia, Gujarat.
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